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The People

After the tour, it was Q&A time--put a bunch of Ms together and we can think up Qs until the cows come home.  If our guide didn't know the answer, we were quite capable of making them up ourselves.

People Carving of the Ice Kitchen

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Dave wanted to be up to see everything during the tour and his dad John obliged

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Stan, Janet, Bob

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galley045.JPG (127183 bytes)

Angel in her favorite shirt

galley050.JPG (148755 bytes)

Beth, Janet, Louanne

galley047.JPG (168574 bytes)

Nancy, Stacey, Stan

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Geri & John with Dave on top

galley042.JPG (122723 bytes) galley051.JPG (172977 bytes)

Stan, Bill, Darrell, Angel

galley048.JPG (129495 bytes)

Ray, John, Geri

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