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Our Cabin....

Our cabin was definitely smaller than an ordinary hotel room, but it was larger than I expected.

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IMGP5954.JPG (115020 bytes)

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The funny square on the wall hides a light fixture.  If it has another purpose, we never figured it out.

The table, though, hides the life jackets.  Not surprisingly, Stan and I mentally redesigned the area to better utilize the space.

IMGP5955.JPG (109096 bytes)

IMGP5965.JPG (81424 bytes) We added a hanging plastic shoe/sweater holder to our closet.  It was helpful to have a place to put our games, paper, computer and camera accessories, etc.

On the back of the bathroom door, we used a hanging shoe bag to hold small items.  (You can see Stan's foot propped up on the bed.)

IMGP5963.JPG (112792 bytes) IMGP5969.JPG (120365 bytes) IMGP5970.JPG (103225 bytes)
IMGP5964.JPG (158786 bytes) There's no such thing as enough closet or shelf space, but there was a lot more shelf space than I thought there would be.

Towel Animals

Each night, the room steward (who we never saw) turned down the bed and left us a towel animal.

IMGP6091.JPG (131301 bytes) IMGP5957.JPG (73796 bytes) towel27-2.JPG (89049 bytes)
IMGP6089.JPG (102546 bytes) towelanimal.JPG (113265 bytes)
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