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Port City: Galveston

It was cold when we got to Galveston.  We thought we were heading south, but it was only 43.  That was warmer than Dayton where we had 7 inches of snow on the ground, but it still seemed too cold for as far south as we'd just come!

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Our first view of the ship.  We drove around in circles a while before we figured out where to drop off our luggage!

IMGP5591.JPG (40987 bytes)


It might not have been warm, but it sure looked as if we'd gone south!

IMGP5581.JPG (117458 bytes)

We drove along the seawall.

IMGP5582.JPG (333273 bytes)

IMGP5588.JPG (89417 bytes)

IMGP5586 (Medium).JPG (80491 bytes)

and stopped and read the signs

IMGP5589.JPG (87866 bytes)

IMGP5587.JPG (78612 bytes)


IMGP5596.JPG (80593 bytes)

Q is one of the strangest street names either of us had ever seen.

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