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Around the Ship

Like any shutter-happy camera bug, I took pictures all over the ship.

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Looking down over the back (aft) swimming pool

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I watched the water for hours

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Setting up for dessert after lunch

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We left before dessert was served, which was just as well.  I think I wanted one of each.

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The kids playground was there--I saw it.

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Looking at the pool from the front of the ship

IMGP5933.JPG (363381 bytes)

The view down over the pool (taken from the topless deck)

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IMGP5929.JPG (98531 bytes)

IMGP5938.JPG (287742 bytes)

Interesting view of the lifeboats

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There's a walking track along the top deck.

IMGP5942.JPG (336942 bytes)

You can tell by the sky which of these were taken in Mexico and which were taken as we returned to Galveston.

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It was so windy when we were up there that we couldn't imagine anyone playing volleyball.  Wonder how many balls they lose each year?

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The Atrium

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The Atrium is the visual center of the ship.  Most of the top levels seemed empty, but they were pretty.  The glass elevator's mechanisms were even visible.

The Information desk and the Shore Excursions desk were at the bottom of the Atrium, as was the bar were we kept getting (diet) (real) cokes.

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IMGP6069.JPG (134561 bytes)

Stan loved the Rolls Royce.  Unfortunately, it didn't have an engine, so he couldn't drive it around the ship.

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